Three years after graduating high school, nothing has changed for Kevin Miller (Craig Wisniewski).

He still woriks at the local library, hangs out with Barry (Jason Muzie), his very bizarre best friend, and he's still hung up on Valerie (Eva Conrad), the same girl he's been infatuated with since seventh grade..

Unable to find the motivation to pursue his lifelong goals without the girl of his dreams by his side, he finds himself trapped in a meager boring existance thats barely worth living.

When she shows back up in town on break from college, he realizes this might be his final chance to win her heart, except he's unable to utter a single word in her presence.

But all is not lost, as Barry finds out some information about his would be true love, through some, let's just say unconventional means. And he has a plan, but for it to work, Kevin will have to give up the life he's comfortable with and enter the world of pizza delivery.

If he can deal with the crazy pizza shop owner (Alex Adzioski) and avoid being tripped up by his competitive ruthless coworker, Wendy (Daniela Mangialardo), he might just have a chance of making it happen with Valerie and... well just watch the damn movie!