PIZZA: The Movie is the brainchild of Donald Gregory, who decided to try and break down a door to Hollywood by making his own film, rather than wasting years begging producers to read his scripts. (Spielberg still hasn't called him back.)

In August of 2003, he began writing the script, that would become this movie. Trying to find the right balance between a commercially viable product, while still retaining the charm of a quality small independent film, proved to be very difficult. And while he believes he has succeeded, public opinion in the end will soon decide.

The title itself is a joke, poking fun at the studios who'll take any successful video game, toy, etc... and turn it into a film. They have seemed to have stopped adding 'The Movie' to the end of these titles of late, but the end result is often the same: a poor cliche-driven excuse of a film.

While the script is peppered with these kinds of jokes, this isn't a parody. The story is meant to stand on it's own in the same vein as Clerks and Office Space, it skirts the border of being a romantic comedy/true comedy.

Shooting began shortly after the auditions in October 2003 with the hope of finishing before winter settled into Northeast Ohio. That was not this movie's destiny as shooting ended up resuming in the spring '04 with a few scenes being picked up even in May.

In the end, the movie showcases some incredibly talented Ohioans, from the actors and actresses to the soundtrack. And while the success of the movie is still up in the air, you're bound to see some of the incredible artists involved in the nation's spotlight soon enough.